Pusher Seals
Ergonomically developed Pusher seals are reliable options to avoid wear of seal face caused by their misplacement or misalignment. Based on their elastomer type, these seals can be used under specific operating temperature range.

Non Pusher Seals
Non pusher seals can be availed in rubber, PTFE and metal bellow based choices and these seals can be used under wide temperature ranges. These bellow assembly based seals have no dynamic O ring. Low maintenance cost is one of their key features.

Cartridge Seals
Cartridge seals are mechanical seals that are accessible in pre assembled design to reduce their installation duration. These seals are equipped with stationary O ring, sleeve O ring, seal gland and seal face.

Agitator Reactor Seals
Agitator reactor seals are used as integral parts of glass lined vessels to handle highly pressurized liquid. Advanced design of these seals ensures minimal distortion of seal face. These seals are suitable for handling non aggressive and non hazardous media.

Double Mechanical Seals
Double mechanical seals are suitable for handling toxic media.  Designed by skilled personnel, this range of seals has two primary seals and a buffer fluid passage. These seals can be used at maximum 200 degree C operating pressure.

Bearing Isolator
Bearing isolators are reckoned for their application specific design, long lasting quality and reasonable price. These isolators are equipped with stator, O ring and rotor. Long working life is one of their main aspects.

Seal Support System
Made of 304 grade and 316 grade stainless steel, offered Thermosyphon Systems Type TS 20 and TS 40 are used for agitator and pump. Designed by skilled personnel, this collection of products has long working life and their maintenance charge is low.

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