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Super Proof Engineers has gained recognition in the market due to the supply of high quality and efficient products. The products are highly durable and are marked best in the market. Their functioning is appraised in the international market and the demand is always on rise. We have a dedicated team for quality inspection which conducts quality control checks at regular intervals. Any item with even minor defect is barred from distribution and are sent back for further processing.

Products Offered

Multiple Springs

Mechanical Seals Type 52B

O-Ring Balanced Seal

Multiple Spring Seal

PTFE Multi Spring Seal

Multiple Spring Cartridge Seal

Reverse Balanced Seal

Reverse Balanced Seal for Non Metallic Pump

Reverse Balanced Seal

Reverse Balance

Metal Bellow Seal

O-Ring Metal Bellow Seal

Graphite Packing Metal Bellow Seal

Metal Bellow Seal

Unbalanced Seal

O-Ring Unbalanced Seal

PTFE Wedge Unbalanced Seal

PTFE Seals

PTFE Packing Seal

PTFE Wedge Balanced Seal

Ptfe Bellow Seals

GFT Face Bellow Seal

SiC Face Bellow Seal

Dry Running Seal

Balanced Dry Running Seal

Dry Running Mechanical Seal For High Speed Application

High Speed Dry Running Seal

Low Pressure Dry Running Seal

Agitator Seal

Top Entry Agitator Seal

Glass Lined Agitator Seal

Side Entry Agitator Seal

Mechanical Seals for Metallic Pumps

Mechanical Seals ZR400D

Mechanical Seals ZR500D

Mechanical Seal for Slurry Application

Slurry Seal For Metallic Pump

Metallic Pump Slurry Seal

Mechanical Seal For High Slurry Application

Mechanical Seals for Non Metallic Pumps

Ptfe Bellow With GFT Face

Ptfe Bellow With Replaceable Face

Mechanical Seal for Glass Lined Reactor Vessels

Mechanical Seal For Stainless Steel Vessels

Mechanical Seal For Bottom Or Side Entry Vessels

Mechanical Seal for Agitator Vessels

Mechanical Seal for Thermosyphon System

Mechanical Seal for Reactor-Vessels Stainless Steel

Elastomer Bellow Seal

Conical Spring Seal

Non Metallic Pump Slurry Seal

Parallel Spring


High class quality level can be achieved by the cooperation of talented and skilled working team and latest manufacturing facilities. High class machineries are updated regularly to enhance their efficiency at a cost effective level. Technicians and engineers are dedicated to introduce new methods of production at competitive price.

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